Principal Investigator: Anna Tampieri

Starting date: 2012
Duration: 24 mesi
Total funding: 606 180 €
Call: MIUR Direzione Generale per il Coordinamento e lo Sviluppo della ricerca Anno 2011 – Protocollo: RBAP10MLK7_004
Consortium: Dipartimento di Anatomia Umana, Farmacologia e Scienze Medico Forensi – Museo Dipartimentale (MAFS), Università degli Studi di Parma; ISTEC CNR; IGM CNR, IRCCS Rizzoli; Endocrinology Division, Tupper Research Institute-Tufts Medical Center-Tufts University School of Medicine

MorphoSynte research Line.
It is focussed on the synthesis of innovative biomaterials with tridimensional (3D) microstructure reproducing the different geometrical levels (hierarchic organization) of the inorganic phase (hydroxyapatite) of the native human bone tissue (so called biomorphic compounds).These compounds will be used to induce in situ regeneration of cortical bone in animal models.

OrganoMorpho research line
It is focussed on the development of an innovative 3D organomorphic, biocompatible bioreactor to bioengineer entire long bones outside the living body, i.e. ex situ, potentially transplantable in animal models. After having obtained a biocompatible 3D scaffold of the intrinsic vascular network of a bone segment, it will be used as a physical support and perfusing system to promote growth and differentiation of osteogenic and vascular, medullary progenitor cells. Within this bioreactor the biocompatible scaffold is expected to fully ossify following the morphology of its intrinsic vascular network, giving rise to as a complete, bioartificial bone segment.