Confering “value” to the results of the research activities, besides their intrinsic scientific and social merit as a contribution to the advancement of knowledge, represents one of the key elements of the activity of the ISTEC.

The protection of research results is the first step in managing the “value chain” and is one of the milestones of technology transfer processes.

Protection takes place through the filing of patents or by appropriately protecting the know-how produced within the laboratories and the related industrial secret information which represent the complex of information and technical, organizational and procedural knowledge not protected by patent (as not patentable or because we chose not to patent them) that have an intrinsic economic value.

On December 2015 the IPR portfolio of the CNR counts n. 461 items as follows:

  • n. 289 patents and utility models filed
  • n. 14 new plant varieties filed
  • n. 43 patents, utility models and new plant varieties deposited abroad directly or through international agreements such as PCT and EPC;
  • n. 22 trademarks
  • n. 49 software
  • n. 44 copyrights

The results of the research activity may also be the subject of scientific publications which represent the assets of technical/scientific knowledge owned by the researchers of the ISTEC.