Innovative technology for spinal cord regeneration

Principal investigator: Silvia Panseri

Personnel involved:  Franco FurlaniMonica Montesi, Giada Bassi, Arianna Rossi

Administrative manager: Laura Mengozzi

Starting date: 20/01/2020
Duration: 36 months
Total funding: 196,500,00 €
Action: Piano Nazionale della Ricerca Militare – Ministero della Difesa italiana

The cure for spinal cord injury (SCI) obviously is not easy, but this project offers a smart and revolutionary way of thinking showing that it could be possible. SCI is a catastrophic event that occurs sudden and unexpected mostly in young people, and can be devastating and costly in human and social terms because of the long-term disabilities among the survivors.

MIS-RIGENERA proposes a pioneering cell-instructive technological therapy, injectable in the damaged spinal cord with minimally invasive surgery, which could be remotely controlled and could promote functional neural network reconstruction after SCI.

Spinal cord injury