Compositi piezo-magnetici ingegnerizzati per antenne miniaturizzate indossabili

Principal Investigator: Carmen Galassi
Involved personnel: Carlo Baldisserri, Claudio Capiani, Davide Gardini

  • Starting date: 28/02/2012
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Total funding: 302.770 €
  • Action: Piano Nazionale della Ricerca Militare, Ministero della Difesa – Proposal n. a2010.94
  • Coordinator: Carmen Galassi (CNR-ISTEC)
  • Consortium: 1 Research Institute (CNR-ISTEC) and 1 university (University of Bologna, DEIS)

The aim of the ANTENNA project is the development and combination of dielectric and magnetic materials in multiferroic composites, in view of future applications in the field of wearable miniature antennas. The use of magneto-dielectric materials for the production of micro-devices that offer high performance in terms of efficiency, bandwidth and impedance matching will be studied in deep.

Periodically structured magneto-dielectrics are currently a frontier technology for miniaturization of electromagnetic devices. In particular, they make it possible to create highly efficient miniaturized antennas for devices that can be worn. In comparison with standard substrates characterized by high permittivity, the magneto-dielectric materials allow a significant reduction in size and better radiative efficiency thanks to a much higher field rejection. Furthermore, the magneto-dielectric materials allow a lower confinement of the field to the region of high permittivity. Since the requirement of high permittivity is reduced, it is possible to obtain a better impedance coupling due to a higher antenna input impedance in comparison with high permissivity substrates. However, the design of such antennas is a non-trivial task that requires a full-wave numerical analysis of their structure, taking into account the anisotropic nature of the substrate. The present proposal aims to increase the technological level compared to TRL 2, improving technology and applications to the level of TRL 4. Laboratory testing on breadboard of the produced components is foreseen.