Leonardo Automated Manufacturing Processes for cOmposites

Responsabili: Annalisa Natali Murri, Luca Zoli 
Personale coinvolto: Valentina Medri, Elena Landi, Diletta Sciti, Pietro Galizia, Cesare Melandri
Data di inizio: 01/11/2019
Durata: 36 mesi
Finanziamento totale: 42.042.800,00 €
Finanziamento ISTEC: 370.122,00 €

Bando/Action: Programma di Sviluppo Industriale (art. 9 del Decreto del Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico del 09.12.2014), Contratto Istituzionale di Sviluppo (CIS) per l’Area di Foggia, “CIS Capitanata” (DPCM 20.02.2019). Soggetto gestore: INVITALIA S.p.A., codice n. CDS000750; contratto n. LDO/DGE/A/0046328/20.
Coordinatore: Ing. Nicola Gallo (Leonardo S.p.A.)
Consorzio: Leonardo S.p.A.; Aviorec S.r.l; MAE S.p.A.; CNR (ISTEC, ICCOM, IPCB, SCITEC, ICMATE, STIIMA, ISASI, IREA).

The aim of LAMPO (Leonardo Automated Manufacturing Processes for Composites) is to address the transformation of the traditional manual or poorly automated production phases for the production of aircrafts stabilizers (horizontal and vertical) based on fiber reinforced composite materials.

The set-up of an Italian production line of high-strength carbon fiber will make it possible to strengthen the leadership of the Italian supply chain in the space sector. The creation of a new pre-impregnated carbon fiber according to Leonardo specifications is in line with the technology connected to structural materials. In addition to the production of the carbon fiber, fiber weaving systems will also be studied to form tape and/or parts with complex geometry and new resin formulations, with their relative impregnation process, for the production of pre-impregnated materials. The production of innovative resins will in fact allow the functionalisation of the materials. The production of new materials will also seek to apply new concepts and new technologies in an attempt to achieve a process with lower energy consumption.


Expected Results: ISTEC’s activities within LAMPO will concern the study and development of fiber-reinforced composite materials for aeronautics, implementing innovative processes and systems thanks to the synergistic collaboration with the project partners. In detail, ISTEC will study the oxidation and carbonization process of precursor polymers for made in Italy carbon fibers by evaluating the properties of the fibers by chemical-physical and microstructural characterization of the products obtained as a function of the process variables (OR 5.1). Also, ISTEC will develop new nanostructured matrices and new inorganic and hybrid-based composite systems, achievable with near net-shape technologies, with a view to obtaining a simplification of the production process and relative cost reduction, against an increase in the thermal and mechanical performances of the manufactured components (OR 5.3). Part of the activities will also be dedicated to the development of solutions for the study and characterization of ceramic materials with high thermal capacity and improved wear resistance for cutting tools for fiber-reinforced composites (OR 4.2).