Supervisor: Cesare Melandri

Nanoindenter MTS XP-180

The instrument, equipped with a Berkovich diamond tip, enables to perform measures of indentation modulus, nano-hardness and even of fracture toughness by application of loads from 1 mN up to 500 mN.
Thanks to the high spatial resolution, 0.01, enables to carry out punctual analysis on adequately prepared surfaces. it is particularly suited for measuring the above mentioned properties on coating and thin films. It is also possible to measure the mechanical properties of joints and of multi-phasic materials, thus extracting the properties of the single phases composing the same.

Main technical features:

  • Max depth: > 500 micron.
  • Max load: 500 mN.
  • Contact load: < 1 mN.
  • Z spatial resolution: 0.01 nm.
  • Load resolution: 50 nN.