The Electrical and Magnetic Characterizations Laboratory at ISSMC-CNR employs electronic instrumentation and software solutions to characterize the dielectric, piezoelectric, and magnetic behavior of ceramic materials, providing tailored measurement solutions to the Institute. General-purpose GPIB-interfaced instrumentation such as function generators, oscilloscopes, DMMs and frequency response analyzers (Keysight, Agilent, Keithley, Newton4th Ltd) are available in the Laboratory, allowing flexible multi-instrument measurement systems to be assembled and controlled using customized NI LabVIEW applications. The Laboratory also carries out HV measurements in both the DC and AC regimes employing HV amplifiers (TReK 609E-6, ±4kV) and HV DC power supplies, up to 50 kV. Piezoelectric characterization-specific instrumentation (Sinocera S5865 d33-meter, Bruel&Kjaer Type 4232 Anechoic Chamber) is also available. High electrical resistivity and electrical breakdown testing measurements are performed in both the DC (HP 4329A High Resistance Meter) and AC (HIOKI 3158 AC Withstanding Voltage HI Tester) regimes. Frequency response analysis scans of materials and devices can be performed between 10 µHz and 50 MHz and between 9 kHz and 4.5 GHz.