Supervisor : Chiara Zanelli

The activity concerns  the mineralogy and crystallography fields, mainly through the use of the powder diffraction with the Rietveld method, by using X ray conventional source. The research activity is devoted to the following studies:
Identification of the mineralogical phases in multiphase systems.
Characterization of ceramic raw materials (clays, feldspars, sands, etc), natural and artificial stones from cultural heritage and the synthesis products.
Quantitative and structural phase analysis (Rietveld method).
– Determination of the main microstructural properties in multiphases systems (crystallite dimensions, residual strain, etc).
Determination of the crystal structure parameters.
Analysis of the nanocrystalline powders.
Study of the transformation and transition phases at high temperature (hot chamber  device up to 1500°C).

Instrument configuration

X-Ray powder diffractometer Bruker D8 Advance – Theta –Theta goniometer (vertical) – X-ray source by CuK radiation – Bragg Brentano parafocusing geometry
Sample holder simple and multiple with automatic change for 9 positions (equipped with spinner) – Detector LynxEye – Software TOPAS 4-2/5 for data elaboration

High temperature device (MRI BASIC HTK 16N), maximum temperature 1500°C, sample holder in Ptl20%Rh.

X-Ray diffractometer