Supervisor: Cesare Melandri

Innovatest Falcon 505

The durometer is equipped with a high precision motorized table and enables to measure Vickers, Knoop and even Brinnel hardness automatically. Given the generally high hardness of technical ceramics developed at the Institute, indentation tips are made of diamond.
The instrument id provided with an automatic revolver with 4 magnification lenses: 10x, 40x, 60x, 100X. the minimum applicable load is 0.2 kg and the maximum 30 kg. However, the mechanical Properties Lab is also equipped with other durometers that enable to perform hardness tests from 10g to 200 kg.

Main technical features:

  • Automatic revolver
  • Magnification: 10x, 40x, 60x, 100x
  • High precision automatic table for serial measurements
  • Load range: 0.2- 30 Kg
Innovatest Falcon 505 durometer and example of a Vickers indentation.