Supervisor: Michele Iafisco

The NanoDrop spectrophotometer provides a complete UV-Vis spectrophotometric analysis from microvolumetric samples  (1-2 µL) and is designed for analyzing biomolecules and drugs. The instrument is equipped with auto-range pathlength technology that facilitates accurate measurements for concentrated samples with no need for dilutions. Moreover, the NanoDrop spectrophotometer has Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology software for early identification of contaminants and assesment of sample quality while delivering accurate quantitative measurements. OneC  model contains both pedestal and cuvette positions (including temperature control and stirring) to expand experimental flexibility and increase the dynamic range, measure more dilute samples, perform kinetics experiments and take optical density measurements of bacterial cultures.


NanoDrop OneC spectrophotometer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Wide spectral range (190-850 nm) for measuring a variety of samples types: peptides, DNA and RNA, proteins, toxicology assays and industrial dyes, gold nanoparticles, colorimetric protein assays (BCA, Bradford, Modified Lowry, Pierce), Optical Density measurements
  • Combining the patented sample-retention system with cuvette capability accommodates low and high concentrations (2.0 – 27,500 ng/µL dsDNA, 0.06 – 820 mg/mL BSA)
  • The analysis requires only 1 – 2 µL of your sample and do not require sample dilution, even for highly concentrated samples
  • The Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology allows the early identification of contaminants
NanoDrop One spectrophotometer