Supervisors: Silvia Panseri, Monica Montesi

Bioreactor U-CUP – CELLEC Biotek AG

By adding the third dimension to cells environment one attempts to approach the milieu of the most biological tissues and organs found in nature, which are organised in 3D and to recapitulate the complex cellular interactions encountered therein. Therefore, 3D cell culture-based models are expected to capture similar aspects of those observed in vivo, leading thus to more relevant scientific results. In creating 3D cell culture models, U-CUP becomes an essential part of this process by both simplifying the procedure itself and generating solid scientific data.


  • Organotypic models (Bone remodeling, Tumor microenvironment)
  • 3D cell expansion and differentiation
  • Investigation of cell-scaffold interactions
  • Investigation of cell-extracellular matrix interactions
  • Generation of 3D cell-scaffold constructs suitable for preclinical experimentation