Supervisor : Silvia Panseri

NIKON Advanced inverted microscope system offering unprecedented functionality, including built-in Perfect Focus and high-speed motorization.
The Ti-E is equipped with a unique Perfect Focus System (PFS) that automatically corrects focus drift in real time during a prolonged period of time-lapse imaging.

The Ti-E utilizes Nikon’s NIS-Elements software allows operations from advanced image acquisition to analysis and measurement by integrating control of microscope, camera and peripherals. Furthermore, when combined with the Nikon motorized stages and motorized filter wheels, NIS-Elements software on the Ti-E also enables exceptionally well integrated and fast acquisition of multipoint, multi-color time-lapse imaging and Z-axis data capture.

Objectives: Plan Fluor 10x, Plan apo 20x, Super Plan Fluor 40x, Plan apo oil 63x
Camera: High resolution DC-QiMc

Advanced inverted microscope ECLIPSE Ti-E – NIKON