Supervisor : Silvia Panseri

The Cell Culture Room is equipped with instruments for the storage, expansion and culture of eukaryotic cells on standard supports and/or innovative biomaterials. The in vitro studies focus on biological characterization of novel solutions for nanomedicine applications, tissue engineering and tumor engineering.

List of equipment:

  • Laminar flow hood for working with cell culture in sterile condition (for 2 operators) (Biohazard Classe II)
  • CO2 incubator for maintaining cell culture
  • Centrifuges and microcentrifuge
  • Advanced fluorescence inverted microscope system (Nikon ECLIPSE Ti)
  • Water Bath
  • Fluorimeter and luminometer (Fluoroskan FL)
  • Microplate photometer (Multiskan FC)
  • Cryopreservation system (nitrogen storage and -80°C Freezer).
  • Services: 1 storage room, sterilization service by autoclave, UV irradiation