Supervisors: Monica Sandri, Elisabetta Campodoni

Freeze-casting is a low temperature dehydration process consisting in freezing the product, lowering pressure then removing ice by sublimation. It allows removing water or organic solvents. It is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that consist in the water evaporation using heat, enabling the maintenance of a original shape endowed with high porosity.

Several features are present in this instrument enabling to freeze-dry a wide range of materials, from 3D materials to powders.
In detail, using this instrument it is possible to:

  • check temperature of shelf and of product using a probe;
  • set the freezing temperature (up to -60 °C) and the freezing step;
  • set up to ten different freezing ramps;
  • set two different drying ramps (primary and secondary);
  • set the vacuum inside chamber (up to 0.08 mbar);
  • check the process at any time through the software and save the vacuum/temperatures graphs;
  • save nine different programmes.

LIO 3000 PLT (Cinquepascal)

  • External size (HxWxD):
  • Weight:
  • Operating temperature range:
  • Ice condenser capacity:
  • Minimum condenser temperature:
  • Vacuum gauge:
  • Power supply:
LIO3000PLT freeze-casting equipment