Supervisor: Guia Guarini

In the shaping phase we are able to obtain prototypes of various sizes and shapes for both tile and brick production processes.

Instrumental characteristics
Double mold hydraulic press for prototypes of ceramic tile with dimensions 5.5 x 11cm and variable thickness (possibility to vary the height of the filling) – pressures varying from 150 to 500KG / cm2 – Ceramic Instrument Manufacturer – P800 / EA.
Press with mold for tablets with a diameter of 5cm – Possibility to vary the height of the mold and the pressures applied from 100 to 800 Kg / cm2 – Manufacturer CCR Nannetti – A/84.

Pneumatic compressed air extruder (without vacuum) for small quantities of clayey material in the plastic state – specimens of size 10 x 2 x 1 cm.