Supervisor: Guia Guarini

After appropriate drying of the samples in a ventilated oven, the firing phase proceeds.

Instrumental characteristics

Roller kiln for rapid tile cycles – imitates the heat treatment process used in the tile industry. Reaches the maximum temperature of 1320°C with the possibility of thermal cycles from a minimum of 8 minutes and 30 seconds to a maximum of 5 hours and 30 minutes – Specimens of size 11 × 6 cm – Manufacturer Nannetti ER-15.

Chamber kiln can work both for rapid cycles, for firing tiles, and for slow cycles for the production of bricks, sanitary ware, etc. – Maximum operating temperature 1330°C – Thermal cycles in an interval from 54 to 69 minutes depending on the maximum operating temperature (range considered from 1000 to 1220°C with 4 minutes of permanence at maximum temperature) –
Manufacturer Nannetti PKP-ERO.

Chamber kiln and roller kiln