European ceramic materials

Principal investigator: Valentina Biasini
Involved personnel: Davide Gardini

Starting date: 01/09/2015
Duration: 36 months
Total funding: 431 541 €
Call/Action: Erasmus+, Key Action 2
Coordinator: Gilles Trolliard, University of Limoges (France)
Project consortium: 13 partners from 8 EU States, including 4 industries and 1 Superior School

EUCERMAT consortium aims at increasing the visibility of innovative ceramic materials in Europe and update the image of ceramics, generally perceived as old-fashioned materials. This narrow image of ceramics is the main reason why universities find it difficult to recruit students in the field of Ceramic Science education.

Therefore, the EUCERMAT project aims at developing and implementing innovative practices to promote ceramic sciences to the civil society, high school teachers, high school students.

The second objective is to develop new approaches to educate on ceramic science excellent university students that will become the future researchers and innovators able to work with the highly performing ceramics and enhance the EU competitiveness in the related industrial sectors.

In addition, EUCERMAT is building a long lasting cooperation between academia, research organisations and industry, that will work together at the creation of a virtuous circle for the benefit of research and education in the ceramic field.

To make this possible, highly relevant universities, research centres and industrial partners, already closely working together at national level, joined forces in the consortium. Their aim is to reinforce their cooperation and create a common space where the interaction between research, education and innovation is optimised for the sake of ceramic science and technology.