Bio-inspired bone regeneration

Principal Investigator: Simone Sprio
Involved Personnel: Monica Sandri

Administrative management/reporting: Laura Mengozzi

Starting date: 01/10/2013
Duration: 48 mesi
Total funding: 3.807.345 €
Action: PITN-GA-2013-607051
Project coordinator: Ian Bouwstra (Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V., The Netherlands)
Consortium: Fujifilm Life Science (NL), CNR-ISTEC (IT), Fraunhofer Institute (DE), Erasmus MC (NL), University of Bologna (IT), Medicyte (DE), Bone Therapeutics (BE).

BIO-INSPIRE will develop a new horizon in Orthopaedic Therapy by:

  1. Development of a technology platform that consists of new bio-active and bio-mimetic materials and their therapeutic applications for bone regenerative purposes.
  2. Training of the next generation of leading Tissue Engineering scientists in a multi-disciplinary way, leading them towards excellence in individual disciplines in combination with a multidisciplinary, holistic view on the (bone tissue) biological systems to be studied.

The consortium consists of a unique alliance of carefully selected Partners with a high reputation in a set of complementary disciplines (as required for a multi-disciplinary program in the field of bone regeneration) consisting of Fraunhofer, Medicyte (field of Cell therapy), Fujifilm Life Science (Bio-Materials), CNR-ISTEC (Bone Mineralisation), Erasmus MC (Growth Factors), University of Bologna, Bone Therapeutics (Orthopaedic Therapy).
This combination provides a unique multidisciplinary research environment for 16 hosted Fellows.
The industrial participation is high, being the coordinator and chairing the project and hosting 8 Fellows out of 16 Fellows, immersing those Fellows in both an academic and an industrial research setting.
This project will provide:

  • A new generation of scientists, capable to participate in multi-disciplinary, pan-European project teams, mastering their individual disciplines in combination with a multi-disciplinary, holistic view.
  • A new class of bio-material prototypes, bio-mimetic, triggering cascades of bone regenerative processes, ready for clinical trials beyond BIO-INSPIRE for a variety of therapeutic needs.
  • A robust pan-European network for development of bio-mimetic materials, consisting of Academic and Industrial participants, acting as an European Network for Innovation and Education for talented scientists in the field of tissue regenerative technologies and medical therapies.


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