Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre

Principal Investigator: Carmen Galassi
Involved personnel : Davide Gardini

Starting date: 01/09/2011
Duration: 36 mesi
Total funding: 2.259.076 €
Call: FP7-REGPOT-2011-1 – GA No.286100
Action: CSA-SA
CNR-ISTEC Role: Partner
Project Coordinator: Andrzej Sławiński (IEn, Poland)
Consortium: 8 partners from 7 European Countries
Official website:

The main goals of the SENERES project are:

  • to reinforce and develop research and demonstration potential of the most advanced, experienced and promising parts of the Institute of Power Engineering (IEn, Warsaw, Poland): the Thermal Engineering Division providing research in the area of thermal conversion of energy and development of high efficient low-carbon energy technologies and the Ceramics Department CEREL in Boguchwala specialised investigation of ceramic membranes for oxygen separation and fuel cells;
  • to establish on the basis of above two units the Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre SENERES focused on the advanced sustainable energy generation: energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies and fuel cells. In the frames of the project activities the human resources of the above units will be supported and mobilized by cooperation with seven knowledgeable and experienced partnering organisations – leading energy research centres in Europe: ECN and TU Delft (Netherland), University of Cambridge (UK), CIRCE (Spain), KTH (Sweden), USTUTT-IFK (Germany) and CNR-ISTEC (Italy). The material resources gaps of the new SENERES Centre will be filled in during the project realisation.