Superivisor: Guia Guarini

The colorimeter provides the colorimetric coordinates according to the international standard CIE Lab L*, a*, b* (L* = 100 white, 0 black; a* = + red, – green; b* = + yellow, – blue, ΔE* = √ (ΔL*) + (Δa*) + (Δb*).
The tool supplied is portable and is used to define:

  • the homogeneity of a color in a batch,
  • the analysis of the pigment dosage through the correlation between the colorimetric intensity and the pigment content,
  • the white index, generally used for ceramic surfaces or for ceramic raw materials (white clays such as kaolins, etc.)
    determine the color measurements in ceramic tiles according to UNI EN ISO 10545-16.

Instrumental characteristics
Flat samples with a minimum size of 2.5 cm.