Supervisor : Paola Pinasco

The technique is used for quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis on different materials, inorganics or organics, liquid or solids, after their dissolution.

With this technique many elements of the periodic table are determinable, except some light elements or halogens.

The limits of detection change in according to atomic characteristics of the elements; usually they are ppb order type (in solution).

Chemical analysis can be carried out starting from few mg of materials.

For solid materials (particularly the materials applied to the ceramic processes), many specific dissolution methods have been developed.

They based on:
• chemical attack inside microwave oven
• alkaline fusion at high temperature with fluxy device

Instrument configuration
Manufacturer:  Agilent
Model: 5100
Wavelengths emission range: 170-750 nm
Optical Resolution: 7pm at 200nm
Nebulizer made of inert material
Torch made of quartz

Fiamma al plasma (ICP-OES)