CNR-ISTEC carries out important scientific activities focused on the study of innovative materials and technologies for the Energy sector. In particular, feasibility studies and development and optimization of shaping processes (Paola Pinasco) are performed, including 3D printing (Alex Sangiorgi), aiming to obtain tapes, films or ceramic massifs for different applications such as solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers (SOFC-SOEC), gas separation membranes, solid-state battery electrolytes, new generation photovoltaics (Alessandra Sanson). Moreover, ISTEC possesses technologies and knowledge for both the synthesis of innovative materials by using sol-gel and microwave-assisted techniques applicable in catalysis and the formulation of nanolubricants (Angela Gondolini). In addition, expertises were developed in the field of piezoelectric, antiferroelectric and ferroelectric materials (Elisa Mercadelli), transparent ceramic materials for the production of active materials for lasers (eg Yb: YAG) and materials for scintillators and LEDs ( Ce: YAG, Pr: YAG, Ce: GGAG) (Laura Esposito, Jan Hostaša). Finally, dedicated equipments are available for companies interested in performing in-depth photo-electrochemical characterizations of devices belonging to this sector (Nicola Sangiorgi).