We carry out archaeometric and diagnostic analyzes on ceramic, mosaic and natural and artificial stone materials which represent a large part of the movable and immovable cultural heritage (Sabrina Gualtieri, Michele Macchiarola) on behalf of companies of archaeological excavation, public and private areas (Municipalities, museums, etc. .), restoration companies, etc. Our characterizations are devoted to materials that cover a wide span of time ranging from prehistory to contemporary art.
For years we have also been engaged in the development and design of formulations of innovative products and technologies for the restoration of materials, such as historical mortars and geopolymeric systems used for the recovery of materials from archaeological and architectural contexts (Sabrina Gualtieri, Michele Macchiarola). We are also active in the field of quality control and characterization of raw materials (binders, aggregates, additions, etc.), formulation and implementation on a laboratory and prototype scale of mortars and geopolymer composites for restorations companies, manufacturing companies and distributors of restoration products.
In recent times, we have also focused on the development of products based on grassello, NHL, Roman cement for green building and historical building, also at the request of designers, building materials producers, construction companies (Michele Macchiarola).