We provide consultancy and research for the development, of innovative “green” inorganic ingredients of natural or synthetic origin for cosmetics in the areas of oral care, skin care and beauty and of sun protection. Recently we have developed a strong know-how relating to remineralizing, desensitizing, anti-bacterial and anti-caries ingredients (e.g. calcium phosphates added with bioactive ions) (Michele Iafisco), photo-protective (UV filters, SPF boosters, etc. ) (Monica Sandri) (Alessio Adamiano), and technicians (abrasive, matting materials, materials for the improvement of spreadability, etc.). We also provide chemical-physical characterization activities (e.g. size, composition, biodegradability, etc.) and in vitro functionality (e.g. remineralizing activity, SPF assessment; photocatalytic activity, etc.) of raw materials and finished products.