We work and provide skilled services across the defense industry to continually develop products and technologies that deliver operational benefits to our customers (agencies, governments, and various military forces around the world). Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians collaborate across disciplines to design solutions and certainly to optimize safety and performance, reduce costs and save lives. For example, we develop high-strength transparent ceramics (Mg-Al spinel) for protective windows and domes and transparent polycrystalline materials (Yb:YAG) for laser sources (Valentina Biasini), Ultra-light ceramic ballistic protectors for personal defense (Diletta Sciti) and metallic and non-metallic nanoparticles for innovative respiratory filters (Monica Sandri). With a focus on research and new technologies, we are one of Europe’s leading government centers working closely with ESA and other national and international agencies on innovative projects that continue to push the limits of thermal protection structures for next generation hypersonic spacecraft (Frederic Monteverde).