Supervisors : Guia Guarini, Elisa Mercadelli, Chiara Molinari

The heating microscope allows to “visually” follow what occurs to the specimens subjected to heat treatment. In this way, it is possible to achieve information about: melting of the material (softening temperature, hemisphere temperature and sphere temperature).
It allows to set up thermal cycles up to 1600 °C, in static air , with max gradient of 80 °C/min. Thus, it is possible to set both slow thermal cycles and fast thermal cycles, that better simulate an industrial cycle.
It allows to visualize the sintering process of the sample with a series of frames that, at the end, allow to reconstruct the test as a movie composed of all the images selected by the operator.

Instrument configuration

Heating microscope
Model & Part Number: Misura 3-402ES/3
Manufacturer/Supplier: Expert System Solution


Heating microscopy