Extraction of bioactive compounds from fishing industry byproducts and their valorization in the cosmetic field

Principal investigator: Michele Iafisco

Personnel involved: Alessio Adamiano, Sara Gandolfi, Silvia Panseri

Starting date: 15/02/2022
Duration: 36 months
Total funding: 92.000,00 €
Action: Progetti di ricerca @CNR Bando 2020
CNR-ISSMC role: Coordinatore
Coordinator: Michele Iafisco (CNR-ISSMC)
Consortium: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR-ISSMC; CNR-SCITEC; CNR-IC; CNR-NANOTEC); Università Degli Studi di Ferrara; Universidad de Granada (Spagna).

The fishing industry produces large quantities of waste. The main objectives of SEARCULAR are: i) the extraction of bioactive compounds from these wastes using innovative, efficient, scalable, and green chemistry methods and ii) their valorisation as functional, natural and sustainable ingredients in the cosmetics sector. Applying the principles of circular economy to the fishing industry opens great possibilities for increasing the value of the entire supply chain and decreasing the environmental impact.

Publications and patents

• Simultaneous extraction of calcium phosphates and proteins from fish bones. Innovative valorisation of food by-products. Alessio Adamiano, Stefania Scialla, Francesca Carella, Marialuisa Casella, Serena Camerini, Alessandra Quarta, Alexandra Muntiu, Francesca Ferrari, Alberto Vitali, Michele Iafisco, Clara Piccirillo. Journal of Cleaner Production, 385, 2023, 135656.