CHANGEGAME – Change the Game: giocare per prepararsi alle sfide di una società sostenibile

Principal Investigator: Valentina Biasini
Involved Personnel: Pietro Galizia

Start: 04/2022
Duration: 24 months
Total funding: 83.962 €
Action: Progetti di Ricerca @CNR
CNR-ISTEC role: Partner
Coordinator: Armida Torreggiani, ISOF CNR
Consortium: CNR ISMAR (Bologna), CNR IGM (Bologna), CNR ISMN (Bologna e Palermo), CNR SCITEC, CNR ISTEC, CNR ISTEC, CNR IMATI, CNR IBF (Genova), CNR IC (Roma e Bari), CNR ICCOM, CNR ISC, CNR IFAC e CNR IBE (Firenze), CNR STIIMA (Biella), CR IFN (Roma), CNR ICB (Sassari).

The outreach project CHANGEGAME – Change the Game: playing to prepare for the challenges of a sustainable society, of which ISTEC CNR is a partner, has obtained funding of 83,962 euros from the CNR.
The project, which has just started with the kick-off meeting on 29 April and will last two years, aims to create digital and non-digital serious games, differentiated according to the age of primary and 1st and 2nd grade secondary school students, with the aim of spreading and promoting knowledge among young people on frontier research on Green Deal and UN Agenda 2030 topics.
Games will be combined with actions for transversal skills and orientation, a monitoring system, updating activities and in-depth materials for teachers, and the creation of Methodological Guidelines. The objective of the project is to reduce the distances between school and research and ensure that young people get to know the strategic areas of CNR research.
The project is coordinated by Armida Torreggiani of ISOF CNR and involves the collaboration of a number of CNR Institutes, many of which are involved in the National Network of The Language of Research: ISMAR (Bologna), IGM (Bologna), ISMN (Bologna and Palermo), SCITEC, IMATI, IBF (Genoa), IC (Rome and Bari), ICCOM, ISC, IFAC and IBE (Florence), STIIMA (Biella), IFN (Rome), ICB (Sassari), etc.
Thanks to the multiple CNR competences in different areas, it will thus be possible to increase social awareness on issues such as sustainability, circular economy, climate change, challenges of biomedicine, etc. involving young people with a more motivating approach, starting from school.