NAnocomposite Core-Rim structures for Enhanced tOUghness and Strength at extreme temperatures

Responsabile: Laura Silvestroni
Personale coinvolto: Nicola Gilli, Claudio Capiani, Alex Sangiorgi, Cesare Melandri

Starting date: 01/09/2021
Duration: 39 mesi
Total funding: 600 000 $
CNR ISTEC Role: Co-Project Coordinator
Coordinator: Laura Silvestroni (CNR-ISTEC)
Partnership: Missouri Science and Technology University (MS&T) – U.S.

The proposed project addresses the need for materials with improved properties under the extreme conditions associated with hypersonic aerospace vehicles. The hierarchical nanocomposites that are the focus of this research have remarkably high strengths at elevated temperatures, exceeding 1 GPa at 1800°C. The proposed fundamental research will investigate the mechanisms responsible for formation, structure-property relationships at ultra-high temperatures, and behavior in relevant environments.

Zig-zag fracture behavior of rim structures triggered by TM aggregates and nano inclusions mimicking the natural nacre microstructure.

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