The exhibit, built in collaboration with the CNR’s Ufficio Promozione e Sviluppo Collaborazioni (PSC), occupied one of the 20 seats of the” Italia del futuro “interactive exhibition that visited more than 12 cities, in 9 states, and 3 continents, from 2013 to 2016.
In ISTEC we use different nanoparticles of ceramic origin, supported on fabrics (ceramic textile), for applications that involve all environmental compartments, offering solutions for the prevention / removal of potential aggressors such as aqueous and gaseous pollutants, bacteria or fire, in a perspective of eco-design (safe by design) that takes into account the safety of man and the environment. One of these fabrics is fixed on the exhibit platform and when irradiated by the light of a lamp (photo-activation), it is able to promote the degradation of organic molecules that are deposited on it.
Close to the fabric, you will find a solution of pink synthetic ink with which it is possible to stain the fabric and observe how it is removed in a few minutes, once the lamp has been turned on.

Weight: about 15 kg
Size: 88 cm width, 44 cm depth, 40 cm height
Installation requirements: the lamp is powered by 220V domestic power.


Ceramised textiles display