The PhD in Materials Science and Technology 38° Cycle –2022/2023

The PhD in Materials Science and Technology of University of Parma, in collaboration with CNR-ISTEC, aims to provide graduates in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering with the skills necessary to carry out research activities with a high scientific and professional qualification in the field of Materials Science and Technology at companies, universities or public bodies and above all local companies. The training program of the PhD students is designed to give an orientation towards: knowledge of the processes of synthesis and / or growth and of the relationships between the structure and the chemical-physical properties of materials; the development of the modeling and design skills of new materials; the acquisition of control of process technologies and knowledge of the main diagnosis and analysis techniques; to the acquisition of soft skills. The knowledge can be aimed at the study, development and application of innovative materials in various disciplinary fields, therefore for each cycle didactic-training courses are prepared: lectures and seminars with evaluation tests; PhD students attend schools on topics related to materials science and participate in research conducted also abroad in groups with which there are collaborative relationships.

Below is the information necessary for registration for the Competition Announcements (free and subject to a specific topic).

In summary:

English language
Duration: 3 years
Applications open: 28/07/2022
Application deadline: 02/09/2022

Access to doctoral positions is through public selection.

There are also places available with a RESTRICTED THEME Scholarship, of which those to be carried out at the ISTEC headquarters in Faenza (RA) and the relative contact persons are shown:

Chiara Zanelli: “Circular economy in the ceramic tile production: resource efficiency and waste valorization”

Nicola Sangiorgi: “Developments of innovative materials for carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides conversion into valuable products by photo-electrochemical cells”

Anna Costa: “Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design applied to nano-production. Engineering of nano-phases and products for environmental protection. Evaluation of performance, safety and sustainability attributes through their life cycle to identify the best design options”

Angela Gondolini: “Development of innovative materials and components for proton conduction solid oxide cells also operating in reversible mode (RSOC)”

In collaboration with industrial partners:

Luca Zoli: “Development and characterization of green Ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites reinforced with recycled carbon fibres fabricated by CURTI Energy as a secondary raw material for the circular economy” (company: Curti spa)

Michele Dondi: “New whitening materials for engobes and ceramic bodies: design, synthesis and characterization of reactive components to increase the whiteness of ceramic products” (company: Vetriceramici, Esmalglass-Itaca Group)

Michele Iafisco: “Innovative ceramic materials based on calcium phosphate for applications in the environmental field” (company:Lamberti spa)

Diletta Sciti: “High efficiency sintering of SiC, B4C and similar non-oxidic ceramics for applications in harsh environments” (company:Industrie Bitossi)