WO2012014172 – Intrinsically Magnetic Hydroxyapatite

RIF.:10075 (WO2012014172)

Inventors: A. Tampieri, E. Landi, M. Sandri, D. Pressato, J. Rivas Rey, M. Banobre López, M. Marcacci

Owner: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche; Fin-Ceramica S.p.A,  Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (venduto)


The present invention relates to hydroxyapatite doped with Fe2+ ions and Fe3+ ions which partially substitute the calcium ions in the crystal lattice. The hydroxyapatite is characterized by an intrinsic magnetism of 0.05 to 8 emu/g, measured by applying a magnetic field of 34 Oe, due to the presence of magnetic nano-domains in the crystal lattice of HA, given the limited amount of magnetic secondary phases present, less than about 3% by volume. The intrinsically magnetic hydroxyapatite can be loaded with biological substances selected in the group consisting of proteins, genes, stem cells, growth factors, vascularization factors, active substances and drugs, under the control of an external magnetic field, as a carrier and release agent for biological substances or drugs, as a contrast agent in diagnostics or for bone or osteocartilage regeneration.

Contact: Anna Tampieri

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