WO2017021894 (A1) – Large 3D porous scaffolds made of active hydroxyapatite obtained by biomorphic transformation of natural structures and process for obtaining them

Reference: WO2017021894 (A1)
Inventors: Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio, Andrea Ruffini
Applicants: GreenBone Ortho srl (100 %)

Filing date: 06.08.2015
Contact: Anna Tampieri


The patent describes a biomorphic bone implant with biomimetic composition and multi-scale hierarchic structure, and the related fabrication process, based on a sequence of heterogeneous chemical reactions occurring in supercritical conditions in the 3-D state.
The patent, originally owned by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, was sold to GreenBone ortho srl in 2017. Granted in EU (EP2637709, 18/09/2013), USA (US2014134258, 15/05/2014), Russia, China, San Marino, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Canada.