WO2020030442 (A1) – System for chemical transformation of 3D state materials

Reference: N° 102018000007993
Inventors: Andrea Ruffini, Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio
Applicants: GreenBone Ortho srl (100 %)

Filing date: 09.08.2018
Contacts: Andrea Ruffini


The present invention refers, in general, to a plant aimed at chemical transformation for the realization, for example, of materials in the 3D state. In particular, the present invention refers to a plant for the realization, even in supercritical and / or critical conditions, of highly reactive 3D inorganic materials.
Still more particularly, the present invention relates to a plant aimed at the chemical transformation of 3D materials without changing the structural hierarchy, for example, through heterogeneous reactions between solid 3D precursors and gases or highly reactive and homogeneous gas mixtures, at high temperature and / or pressure.

The patent, originally owned by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, was sold to GreenBone ortho srl in 2018.