MI2014U000387 – Composite panels

Reference: MI2014U000387
Inventors: Elena Landi, Valentina Medri, Annalisa Natali Murri
Applicant: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Filing Date: 15/12/2014 IT
Contact: Elena Landi

The invention relates to a panel made of a composite material, wherein said composite material comprises a geo-polymer matrix and wool fibers. In the preparation of the geopolymer matrix, natural materials are preferably partially replaced with ashes from vegetable and/ or animal biomass. The composite panels described herein have chemical-physical characteristics that make them excellent insulating and fireproof materials, which can find application in various fields, i.e. as functional, structural and non-functional elements, in construction, in the naval sector, road transport, furniture, product design, etc.

Composite panels based on sheep wool fibers and geopolymer matrix

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