Supervisor : Nicola Sangiorgi

The solar simulator and digital source-meter are a tools dedicated to characterize new materials and photovoltaic devices based on different architectures.

Main characterizations

The current-voltage curves are acquired both under dark and illumination conditions. The main photovoltaic parameters (VOC, JSC, FF) as well as the final efficiency and power are determined by software analysis. Using IVFIT fitting, a physical parameters are obtained (resistance in series and in parallel, value of dark current).

Working mechanism

The solar cells is connected to the source-meter and a potential scan is performed in defined range and the corresponding photo-current produced is acquired (obtaining a current-voltage curve). From this curve, using a mathematical elaboration, the photovoltaic characteristics and efficiency of the tested devices are extrapolate.

Solar Simulator SUN2000 model 11000 (Abet Technologies) and digital source-meter (Keithley 24440)

• standard ASTM E927-10, IEC 60904-9 ED 2.0, class ABB (system IEC) and class ABA (system ASTM)
• Light source based on Xenon lamp of 150 W
• irradiance of 1 SUN (calibrated using a reference silicon cell) and using both the A.M.1.5 and A.M.0 filters
• digital Source-Meter for measuring a voltage in the range between 1μV and 211 V and the current between 10 pA and 1055 A.


Images of solar simulator SUN200 and digital source-meter