Supervisor : Nicola Sangiorgi

The PVE300 system is an equipment capable to determine the solar cell spectral response EQE (IPCE)/IQE. These analyses can be done on a wide range of photovoltaic technologies including multi-junction device.

Main characterizations

The PVE300 system allows accurate and quick determination of the solar cell spectral response and the determination of external quantum efficiency (EQE / IPCE) in the wavelength range between 300 and 1800 nm. The instrument is also equipped with integrating sphere that can be used to determine the optical properties of single film or to determine internal quantum efficiency (IQE).

Working mechanism

The sample is inserted into the box and electrically connected to the external signal amplifier. A wavelength scan is performed to obtain an external quantum efficiency spectrum (EQE / IPCE) as a function of a reference one. Using the integrating sphere (transmission and reflectance mode) it is also possible determine the IQE.

PVE300 Photovoltaic Device Spectral Response (Bentham Ltd. U.K.)
• dual light source (QTH halogen lamp 100W and Xenon lamp 75W)
• phase insensitive lock-in amplifier
• multiple DC light bias sources
• monochromator with 300 mm focal length and triple gratings
• reference diodes (Silicon 300-1100 nm) and Germanium (800-1800 nm)
• sample holder for DSSC with thermal control


Image of the PVE300 system